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Alan specialises DJing at weddings and brings over 15 years of experience in making every wedding something special.
Alan takes great pride in what he does and knows that the wedding DJ is the final part of your entertainment and is one of the most important parts of your wedding day.
Alan’s policy on music is simple, playing the music you and your guests want to hear, reading and interacting with your guests.
On the night Alan sets up his equipment with the band so there won’t be any equipment moving through the venue disrupting the flow while the band are playing. During the tea break Alan always plays light background music.

Finally, you can give Alan some do’s and dont’s to ensure you get exactly what you want.

After Band Wedding DJ Package:

  • DJ with 15 years of experience
  • Up to 2.5 hours of music
  • Professional sound & lighting
  • Set up equipment with the band
  • Direct contact with the bride & groom
  • Dressed appropriately
  • Flawless changeover from band to DJ
  • Continually read the crowd to ensure proper song selection
  • Vast music collection for all age groups
  • Background music while teas & coffees are being served
  • Contact will be made with the Venue/Band if required
  • Complete flexibility when it comes to finishing up times
  • Requests taken on the night

After Band packages are competitively priced, Please contact Alan with your exact requirements (Date & Venue) and Alan will be more than delighted to give you a quote.

When Selecting a DJ.
When selecting a DJ for your wedding there are a few things to look out for. The most important question to ask is whether the DJ you are hiring is an experienced professional DJ. You may have been offered a ‘package deal’ from your hotel or band and it is important to check that the DJ service provided is not simply the roadie or sound engineer doing a nixer. The DJ represents a significant portion of the evening’s entertainment and you don’t want the floor to clear as soon as the band stops playing, While the argument is sometimes made that an inclusive band/DJ package makes for a smoother transition from band to DJ and there will be less equipment set up, this is not a serious consideration as a professional DJ will always set up at the same time as the band to one side or on the stage nice and neat and to ensure there is a flawless changeover from band to DJ on the night.

The mark of a good wedding DJ is fairly obvious, a full and happy dance floor, achieving this requires not just talent and experience but a lot of preparation, a good DJ will ensure that the music is tailored to the couple’s own tastes and will work with couples to meet their music preferences, but the main reason for booking a professional DJ is that they will be able to draw on their own extensive knowledge and experience to ensure that the music on the night is memorable for the right reasons. Before you book it is important to be certain that a wedding DJ has a sufficiently deep music collection to cater to diverse musical tastes and has the necessary skill to gauge and quickly adapt to the mood of the wedding on the night.

Please note:
It is highly recommended to book your services separately (Band & DJ etc) There has been a few occasions where the band didn’t or couldn’t turn up on the night, Fortunately the Bride & Groom had their DJ booked separately.

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